This kid is teaching me things that I thought I knew. That’s the reason for this blog. Taking a philosophical and humorous approach to topics and life in general.

Life didn’t come with instructions. I think we’re doing good so far. Everyone needs a little distraction or different approach to life. Who knows? The answer to things are as simple as asking a kid.

Here’s what to expect:

Life with Offspring

From rants to random questions and answers by Offspring himself.


As a published poet at 16, this is the place to find well…poetry. I love all mediums and any inspiration that hits, I’ll definitely share.

Sunday Sessions

Our favorite day of the week! This is the part of the site where you’ll have a cup of coffee and chill with us. Any topic will do just fine. Don’t be afraid to ask anything let alone talk about! Questions and comments are a great way to start this off! (See you next Sunday!)

With that, Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy browsing around!

~J. Reyes