What are friends like?

It was one of those random questions that Offspring had asked. Struggling to find a way to compare it, my only solution—food. Here is a list and the logic of the “Types of Friends” a person can have.

A great meal is satisfying especially alongside those close to you. We have crossed paths with that “One” person that made you feel like you can conquer the world. The mental wavelength is so spot on, that people would cringe being around you but can’t help but enjoy your company.


Granted, life happens. There are some that may have decided to take another road, you may have married them, or just lost touch with. I look at friendship like food. With an array of choices, it all comes down to what we are in the mood for.

The Sweet


They’re cute, adorable, and edible! Coming in all shapes and sizes, all you want to do is indulge and be in the moment. Nothing says, “Sweet” than this individual. There is a downside. After everything is said and done, there’s a hint of regret afterwards—something you don’t mind doing again.

The Healthy


It takes a little to get them warmed up but once you do, they’re not that bad. Sure, they may be overlooked but you know the truth. They are the perfect mix of just enough and nuts (haha, get it?). Personally, these are my Go-To’s when I need some extra strength in my life. (and the puns keep coming.)

The inseparable pair


Despite their best efforts, they are okay but do better when paired together. Having to suffer the fact of being the “Third Wheel”, their company becomes the perfect balance. When left alone with one of them, you look forward to adding their other half to make them work in your life.

The Spicy


Elvis sang it best, “Only fools rush in.” You can’t help but fall for them. So full of life, their out-going and adventurous side challenges your tolerance for a life normal to them. Lying to yourself saying, “I’ll never do that again.”, is really, “Wow, I did it and survived!”

The “Um…I Don’t Know”?


Having no idea what to expect, our judgment can’t tell us whether to risk it or regret it. Regardless, taking a chance is more excusable than having passed up the offer. Who knows? It may turn out better than you hoped—or worse than you thought.


Wrapping this up (I need more coffee), I hope this made you think of friends past and present. The impact they had/have on us as people can give a better look at who we are today.

With another question answered, I just sit and wait until my skills are once again tested. On behalf of myself and Offspring, we hope you have a great day and an even better week!



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