The End?

To you,

I love writing on It was a great idea to capture moments with my kid and taking an approach at life philosophically. So, is this the end? Nope.

Having aspirations of being a “Full-Time Writer/Blogger”, I wanted to do something that will make a difference and I honestly can’t do it on my own. I spoke with my ex and she agreed to help with the process. And of course, Offspring chimed in. It was crazy how they support any idea I throw out and I am grateful for them. It has been a very trying time of ‘hit and misses’ but I think I finally have things in order.

Some will recognize the feeling and it does take a lot of time to build a reputation. How many single parent blogs are out there? What time do you publish to gain the most traffic? Where do I go from blogging? Is social media a great avenue to ‘spam’ the crap out of to gain necessary traffic? Again, you know the questions and feelings.

Needless to say, I’ll be starting over. Thank you all for the likes and the ‘tiny’ comments that impacted my pride as a writer. It’s been great and it’s not over. I’ll be starting a different blog and investing all my luck, at least what I have left, and go with what I have learned to make it thrive.

Take care!



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